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Former University of Houston standout Elvin Hayes (44) boxes out Lew Alcindor of UCLA during one of their collegiate battles. A teammate of Hayes was a player from Newark, N.J. Up-and-coming boxing pro Vito Mielnicki, Jr. is from an Essex County high school, while the great actor Rod Stieger (on left in the bottom photo alongside Marlon Brando in the terrific film, 'On The Waterfront') was from a certain Brick City high school. (photos are courtesy of; espn and Wikipedia)

Test Trivia Knowledge
On North Jersey Scene

By Steve Tober

As another winter high school sports season has come to an end it’s time for another challenging sports trivia quiz from the Reilly brothers: Mike, who has been a veteran coach in a number of sports at McNair Academic in Jersey City and hails from Columbia High School in Maplewood; and Sean, the longtime N.J. scholastic sportswriter, and also a Columbia grad

1-What two Essex County high schools are located on Pleasant Valley Way? 

2-The grounds of the former Presbyterian Hospital are now the home of what Essex County high school? 

3-Name three defunct high schools from Essex County who won state boys basketball championships in the 1970s (not counting East Orange). 

4-Seton Hall Prep has won the most games in the history of the Essex County boys basketball tournament with 150. Which school ranks second with 82 wins? 

5-Who holds the record for most points scored in an Essex County boys basketball tournament game, with 49? 

6-What were the colors and nickname for Mountain High School in West Orange? 

7-Name the only Union County high school whose street address is on Kent Place Boulevard. 

8-Match the famous people below with the Newark High School that they attended: 

1-Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver 
2-Late NYC Mayor Ed Koch 
3-Congressman Donald Payne Jr. 
4-Dancer/Actor Savion Glover
5-Actor Rod Steiger 
6-“Lean on Me” inspiration Joe Clark 
7-Singer Sarah Vaughan 

C-East Side 
D-South Side 
F-West Side 

9-Match these Essex County High Schools with their nickname (Clue: All are named after animals, including two named after the same bird). 

1-American History
2-Payne Tech 
3-West Caldwell Tech 
4-Newark Collegiate 

10-Major League Baseball umpire Phil Cuzzi played catcher at what Essex County high school? 

11-Which Essex County school below never competed in the Northern Hills Conference? 

A-Mount St. Dominic. B-Columbia. C-Millburn. D-West Side. E-Caldwell. 

12-What Essex County school has won state boys basketball championships in Groups 1,2,3 and 4? 

13-Name the two members of the 1976 Rutgers Final Four team who later became head boys basketball coaches in Morris County.

14-Pro boxer Vito Mielnicki Jr., who has a 14-1 record with nine knockouts after turning pro at age 17 in 2019, attended what Essex County high school??

15-Name the Newark player who started along with Elvin Hayes on the famed Houston Cougars teams of the mid/late 1960s. 

A-George Reynolds. B-Aulcie Perry. C-Jackie Baker. D-Dana Lewis. 

16-Sideline Chatter publisher Steve Tober was an All-County athlete at which school? 

A-Verona. B-Montclair. C-Caldwell. D- West Essex. 


1- Golda Och and West Orange. 

2- Payne Tech. 

3-Vailsburg, Essex Catholic and Our Lady of the Valley. 

4-South Side/Shabazz. 

5-Kelly Tripucka scored 49 for Bloomfield in a 99-71 win over Montclair in the 1977 ECT quarterfinals. 

6-The Mountain Rams wore black and gold. 

7-Summit High School is found at 125 Kent Place Blvd. The street address for Kent Place is 42 Norwood Ave. in Summit. 

8-Barringer - Donald Payne Jr., Central - Joe Clark. East Side - Sarah Vaughan. South Side - Ed Koch. Weequahic - Sheila Oliver. West Side - Rod Steiger. Arts -Savion Glover. 

9-American History Eagles, Payne Tech Lions, West Caldwell Tech Eagles, Collegiate Panthers. 




13-Mike Palko at Randolph and Jeff Kleinbaum at Whippany Park. 

14-West Essex. 

15-George Reynolds of Central H.S.

16- D- West Essex. 

Follow Steve Tober on Twitter @Chattermeister  

Longtime Major League umpire Phil Cuzzi played catcher for an Essex County high school while famed singer Sarah Vaughn and the popular New York City Mayor Ed Koch both attended a high school in Newark. (photos are courtesy of Chicago Cubs, Veterans Advantage and A.P.)

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