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***Seton Hall Prep was top team and its head mentor was coach of the year as SC presents All-Essex baseball selections for the season!

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***Youth is definitely served for both West Essex and the Mount while the Lady Knights head the All-Essex softball honors as the 'Team of the Year.' Check out much more in "Feature Articles"

***The North squad will feature talented offensive stars including Montclair WR Elijah J. Robinson who is headed to UMass in the fall as Mounties continue to produce FBS athletes. Read "The Buzz"

The Phil Simms Classic South all-stars are organized by their general manager Calvin Thompson (speaking in photo above), who is one of the many former and current N.J. football coaches who help keep the game strong as 38th edition sets to kick off 7 p.m. Monday at Kean University's Alumni Field. (Photo by Bill Allen-NJSportAction.NET)

38th Simms North-South All-Star Classic
Continues To Have Coaches Behind Game
By Steve Tober

UNION- There is no doubt that the Phil Simms New Jersey North-South All-Star Classic has been given a great energy boost both behind the scenes and front and center during the past three years with the presence of the former great Giants quarterback and current NFL on CBS lead analyst; however, one of the constants for the past 38 years since the North-South Classic became an annual rite of passage for top graduating high school gridders heading off to college has been the presence of members of N.J. Football Coaches Association, which remains at the forefront in keeping the all-star game quite viable indeed.

“The coaches have always been a huge part of what we do, and we rely on them in so many ways,” said Caldwell coach Ken Trimmer, the game director who works side by side with Simms in a leadership role for the North-South Classic which takes place once again 7 p.m., Monday, at Kean University’s Alumni Field. “We’re very fortunate in New Jersey to have a dedicated and devoted group of coaches and they’ve been there from the beginning in making the North-South Classic a success through the years.”

And while other prominent Metropolitan Area all-star games, such as the Governor’s Bowl between New Jersey and New York, have gone by the wayside, the Simms North-South Classic keeps marching on, and coaches are there to help out in a variety of ways, from the administration roles, planning and coaching the youngsters in the game.

“The one ingredient I can say which is always ever present with this game is that coaches from both the North and the South are full devoted to making each year special for that particular group of senior players,” said Calvin Thompson, the general manager for the South all-star squad. “We have a great group of hard-working and dedicated guys who work on the South team, and I know the same can be said for the North, and that’s so huge in maintaining the energy behind this game each year.

“Plus, having Phil Simms come on board for the past three years has been tremendous in keeping the game at a great place in terms of remaining very important for all the young men in this game, their families and their coaches.”

And, different generations of coaches have also been a part of the North-South Classic, including such father-son tandems as Barry and Kevin Kostibos, who have both worked as coaches and behind-the-scenes people for the game.

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