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Improve Your Golf Game
With 'Attack The Pin' At ‘360’
By Steve Tober

FAIRFIELD- Whether it’s the rain hitting North Jersey as fall’s wet weather now wields its pervasive effect, or the cold and snow that seems inevitable in the months to come, the fact is golf in the Northeast can indeed be a fair weather game that is difficult to fully immerse oneself into come autumn and winter.

But, for those making the journey over to ‘360 Fitness’ in Fairfield there is a terrific opportunity to hone one’s skills in preparation for the next time out on the links with the ‘Attack The Pin Gold Simulator’ that is now available for individuals and groups at the state-of-the-art sports facility located at 25 Greenbrook Road, just a short distance from West Essex Regional High School.

“Whatever level golfer you are getting the necessary feedback to improve your game is essential and the Attack The Pin Golf Simulator’ is the perfect alternative to help you,” said Rob Stern of 360 Fitness. “Everyone wants to take his or her game to the next level and this simulator is terrific in achieving what you want to do next time you do get out on the course.”

There are 1-hour sessions and 25-hour time cards available at $50 per hour plus 50 % off for 360 Fitness members. In addition, there are reduced-rate packages for corporate groups and birthday gatherings.

“Here is a chance to work on lowering your handicap while getting great instruction and also feel like you’re playing at different courses around the country,” added Stern. “The mental comfort of being able to address what you need to do in ideal conditions with the simulator is the perfect alternative to trying to battle whatever wet, windy or snowy weather is out there.”

For further information or to register for a session with the Attack The Pin Golf Simulator, email or call 877-787-0360.

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Golf simulators are a great way to go when weather does not cooperate and superb alternative to work on game. (photo courtesy of

Golf simulators are becoming more popular (photo courtesy of

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